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Our 2-meter FM repeater is located in Canton, Ohio. It's receive frequency is 146.79 -  with a PL of 141.3.

The Canton Amateur Radio Club repeater committee, control operators, club officers and trustees hope you enjoy using the machine. Our coordinated repeater offers good Stark County area coverage. 146.79- acts as a back up to the 147.120 ARES repeater during times of emergency operations.

The 147.120 - ARES repeater frequency is with a PL tone of 110.9 Hz.


A map of Stark County repeaters can be seen (courtesy of Jason Stroll KC8LIN) by clicking this link.



Prior to transmitting, monitor the repeater for a clear frequency.

To initiate a contact, simply indicate that you are monitoring frequency. "This is W8ABC monitoring" will be suffice.

Do not "KER-CHUNK" (key up without identifying yourself ) the repeater to see if it's working.

Identify legally. Per FCC regulation, indentify yourself at the end of a transmission or series of transmissions and at least once every 10 minutes during communications.

Keep transmissions short and thoughtful. Your transmissions are being heard by many listeners, including non-hams with scanners. Don't give a bad impression of our service.

Use the minimum amount of power necessary.

Our repeater is intended to facilitate mobile operations. During commuter rush hours, base stations should relinquish the repeater use to the mobile stations.

Pause between transmissions. This allows other hams to use the repeater (someone may have an emergency).

Don't break into a conversation unless you have something to add.

Auto Patch: OFF LINE

PL Tone: 141.3

The Repeater control operators have been instructed to contact repeater users who do not follow FCC regulations and/or good operating practices. They will advise you of the situation and offer suggestions to resolve the problem. Repeat offenders may be barred from the machine and in extreme cases (illegal or improper operations), the repeater could be shut down.

Let us know how you would like us to improve our repeater service. Contract any club officer, trustee, control operator or repeater committee member with your suggestions.

Operating and maintaining a reliable repeater system has its costs. If you use the repeater please contribute. Your donations and/or CARC dues help us keep W8AL/R operational.



DVR Audio Test - Check to make sure audio is getting into the repeater from your rig. Send DTMF 052, un-key, then key back up and say something (such as your call sign). The repeater will immediately play back what it heard as soon as you un-key.

DTMF Keypad Test - Check to make sure the keypad on your rig is working. Send DTMF 163 and the digits you would like to test, and the repeater will tell you what it heard when you un-key.

Current Time - To hear the current time from the repeater controller, send DTMF 026 or 027. The repeater will tell you the current time in male and female voices respectively.

Current Date - To hear the current date from the repeater controller, send DTMF 029. The repeater will tell you the date when you un-key.

Other features are currently in the planning stages, and will be implemented as time and money allow.



On February 26, 2015, the aging mid 60s repeater was retired in favor of the Yaesu System Analog/Digital Repeater System.  Normal FM users will be able to co-exist with the new Digital radio users, the DR-1X repeater will automatically select the proper incoming mode and will pass normal analog traffic or the new digital traffic automatically.  146.790 - PL  141.3,  the PL is active at this time.


1. The User Feature Codes, listed above no longer apply.


2. It is helpful if the mic Button is pressed 1 to 2 seconds before talking - this lets the repeater  decide if the signal is analog or digital and take the appropriate action, otherwise the beginning of a conservation could be clipped.


3. There is no squelch tail, hang time or curiosity tone on the repeater - some find that odd, but they get used to it over  time.


4. The PL is disabled at this time but could be turned on at any time due to interference.  We recommend that you add the PL of 141.3 to your radio.


5. Current Analog FM users will not be affected, however, it is a good idea for all existing Analog FM users to program their radios on 146.790 to full encode/decode of the 141.3 Hz tone so as not to hear the digital pass over of 146.790.  If you don't program full CTCSS and you turn on your scan function, digital traffic may lock up your scanner.  With full decode on, your rigs scan feature should by pass 146.790, unless there's an FM conversation occurring.


6. Both FM and Digital users will be co-sharing the repeater, only one conversation can exist on the repeater at a time.


7. No matter what mode you are using to access the repeater, all users should remember to check your radios busy light or hit your monitor button prior to making a call.  This is done to make sure you are not accidently interfering with an ongoing digital conversation.


8. The repeater is open to all licensed hams, so pass the word that 146.790 is now Analog/Digital.


9. Contributions to the repeater fund can be made at any meeting or mailed to:  Canton Amateur Radio Club, P. O. Box 8673,  Canton, OH 44711-8673,  and will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.