Canton ARC will be operating special event station W8AL August 6-8 in conjunction with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Festival. Operations each day will be from 1900-2359 Z (3 PM – 8 PM local time). SSB operations will be primarily on 3.980, 7.280 and 14.280 MHz, plus/minus QRM. Digital and code operations will be secondary (as operators schedules permit). Look for spotted frequencies in either case if you can’t locate W8AL. A certificate and QSL card will be returned upon receipt of your QSL card and $2 to cover mailing costs of an unfolded certificate. Our mailing address is W8AL, POB 8673, Canton, OH 44711-8673.


President – Dale Lamm (NX8J), 2022

Vice President – Justin Corner (W8JKC), 2022

Secretary – Joe Vignos (W8VAD), 2022

Treasurer – Roger Gray (W8VE), 2022

Officers terms end on September 30th of the year shown.



Trustee – Perry Werstler (N8VXQ) – 2021

Trustee – Gene Bunner (AC8RH) – 2021

Trustee – John Patterson (K8ISS) – 2022

Trustee – Tom Archer (KA8MNT) – 2022

Trustee – Jerry Shrigley (N8YB) – 2023

Trustee – Bill Hannon (N8PW) – 2023

Trustee terms end on September 30th of the year shown.

W8AL – Yaesu Fusion analog/digital repeater is on the air!

146.790 MHz (- 600 shift) PL = 141.3


All of our meetings and breakfasts are open to

anyone interested in Amateur Radio, licensed or not.

Monthly Breakfast

The 2nd Saturday each month at 8:30 AM at the Menches Bros Canton Restaurant

located at 4887 Tuscarawas St. W.

Monthly Meeting

  3rd Wednesday of each Month 7:30 P.M. at the Stark County

EMA/EOC Office (lower level Sheriffs Department Complex)

          4500 Atlantic Blvd. NE (US RT. 62) Canton, OH.

 Upon arrival enter the main driveway, go to the first parking

  lot on the right, take the west walkway to the building and

              enter the west door, a greeter will let you in.       

Plan on arriving prior to 7:25 PM as this is a secure facility

   Click here for a map.