2018 Officer/Trustee Elections

Note: This post has been corrected. It originally listed Perry Ballinger by mistake, and not Perry Werstler.

The following officer/trustee terms are set to end on September 30th 2018:

President: Dale Lamm, NX8J
Vice President: Alan Lamb, K9ALA
Treasurer: Roger Gray, W8VE
Trustee: Jerry LaRocca, KF8EB
Trustee: Gene Bunner, AC8RH

During the August monthly club meeting this evening, the following persons were nominated:

President: Dale Lamm, NX8J; Alan Lamb, K9ALA
Vice President: Justin Corner, W8JKC
Treasurer: Roger Gray, W8VE
Secretary: No Nominations
Trustee: Gene Bunner, AC8RH; John Patterson, K8ISS; Perry Werstler, N8VXQ

Another round of nominations will occur during the September meeting (Sept. 19th 2018) before the election is held. You MUST be in attendance at the September meeting to cast a vote for the election.

Per Section 2 of the By-Laws:
Officers and Trustees must be 21 years of age, have been an active member in good standing concurrently for at least the previous 6 months, and have demonstrated a regular attendance at 4 of the previous 6 meetings. Both terms shall be for 2 years. September 2018 to September 2020.