CARC announces 2019 ARRL Field Day Scores

The Canton Amateur Radio Club trustees and officers met at 7pm on Thursday July 11th 2019 to go over the 2019 Field Day logs, scores, and submission. Present at the meeting was Dale NX8J, Justin W8JKC, Roger W8VE, John K8ISS, and Dennis K8AGB.

Justin W8JKC presented the log files of both HF stations, the 6M/VHF station, and the GOTA station in a breakdown via Excel spreadsheet. This breakdown, as well as the final ARRL submission will also be presented to the membership at the next club meeting on July 17th 2019.

After reviewing all of the logs, the submission was sent/completed via the ARRL website (shown below). The trustees and officers also held a brief discussion towards preliminary planning for 2020 Field Day; what needs to change, what we could do better, etc.
Any club member having additional comments, suggestions, or concerns should present them to the officers/trustees, preferably at the July 17th 2019 meeting, or via email.

A brief breakdown is as follows:
80M CW QSO: 208
80M PH QSO: 146

40M CW QSO: 366
40M PH QSO: 22
40M DIG QSO: 1

20M CW QSO: 3
20M PH QSO: 30
20M DIG QSO: 91

6M CW QSO: 2
6M PH QSO: 12

This equates to a total of 887 QSO’s made during the 24 hour Field Day period, and a claimed QSO score of 3,118 pts (with 2x emergency power bonus).

For bonus points the club qualified/earned a total of 850 points including:
200 points for 100% Emergency Power
100 points for Media Publicity
100 points for Public Information Table/Booth
100 points for 5 Natural Power QSO
100 points for an Educational Activity
100 points for a Safety Officer
100 points for Social Media
50 points for submitting via the ARRL website.

The final score factoring all QSO’s and bonuses for 2019 comes to 3,968 points.
The club operated as W8AL, Class 2A, ARRL Section OH, with a GOTA call of AC8UE and a total of 38 participants.

The full log files have been posted on the W8AL Online Logbook at
Compare this year’s score and previous year’s scores on the club website at:

Pictures will be presented on the clubs various social media platforms, and at the July 17th 2019 meeting.